Dough Kaufman was an American nutritional researcher who created a specific diet that can play a key role in treating and curing the different fungal infections that affect your body and can cause different diseases like high cholesterol, chronic sinusitis and liver disease. Kaufman also wrote 7 different books on fungal infection. One of his more famous books was “The Fungus Link”. In this book he talks about the basic fundamentals regarding the different types of fungal infections and he also talks about the different diets which can help in treating fungal infections. Kaufman was also a host of TV show in the United States known as “Know the Cause”. In this show he explores his different theories regarding the causes of different body diseases and infections

The Kaufman Anti-Fungal DietThe fungi are organisms which are based on a single cell and they can enter the body through the consumption of water or food. They can also enter the body through contaminated soil or air and cause different diseases within the human body. They are also capable of producing different substances like mycotoxins that badly affect your well-being and health. By using Kaufman’s diet you can avoid the harmful effects of these fungal infections on your body. This “Starves” the fungus that invades your body and after sometime the fungus dies off. After this process the body starts to heal the parts that were infected by the fungal infection and you can enjoy better health.

The Kaufman diet for fungal infection depends on 2 different phases or parts. During the first phase, you need to eliminate all artificial sweeteners, tea, sugar, breaded meats and coffee from your diet. In addition to this, you should also avoid eating peanuts, pistachios, green olives and any other product that has peanuts or yeast in it. You should also avoid the use of yams, potatoes, butter, legumes and margarine. There are different products that you can eat including poultry, yogurt, eggs, butter, seafood, sour cream and meat. The other things that you can eat in the 1st phase of the diet are avocados, lemons, limes, apples, flax seeds, raw nuts and vinegar.The Kaufman Anti-Fungal Diet

After a couple of weeks, or when you feel like your symptoms are gradually decreasing you can start the second phase or part of the diet which is also known as the maintenance phase. In this phase you have to make sure that you don’t get re-infected with the harmful fungal infection.

During this particular phase, you can gradually add quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, amaranth grains, millet grains and oatmeal to your diet.

If you have any type of advanced kidney disease you should not commence without consulting with your doctor, because if you start this diet without the recommendation of your doctor, the amount of protein present in it could worsen your disease. In the words of Kaufman, the low level of carbohydrates present in this diet might be inappropriate for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers and also for the people who usually take part in different energy consuming activities.

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