Ringworm can prove to be a very serious problem for the people who have a weak immune system. It transfers from one person to another through the usage of shared items. It can cause rashes, itching and severe burning. Ringworm commonly affects children as compared to teens or adults. Usually this type of fungal infection can be treated or cured using anti-fungal supplements, medications and different medicated shampoos. If your child shows any symptoms associated with ringworm then you should consider taking him to a doctor. It is important that you see your doctor before you use any type of homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Treatment for Ringworm in ChildrenScalp ringworm, which is also called tinea capitis, usually infects the children who are 3 to 11 years old. It rarely affects adults or teenagers. This type of fungal infection is usually characterized or recognized by gray or scaly patches or slightly reddened skin on the scalp and you hair become rough and they easily fall out. Rashes on different parts of the body, fragile lymph nodes etc. are also a few other common symptoms of ringworm. There are other types of ringworm which may or may not affect children. Tinea corporis or body ringworm and athlete’s foot or tinea pedis are few common types of ringworm

Different types of homeopathic medicines are being used worldwide nowadays to treat and cure fungal as well as many other infections. Different homeopathic practitioners treat your symptoms by giving you small amount of different substances in relatively large doses. This type of medicine is created by diluting animal, plant and other mineral substances until a relatively small amount of it remains. Many homeopaths are of the belief that an essence or a memory still remains in this liquid or fluid which retains different healing qualities. These medicines are known to be helpful especially against fungal infections.

Homeopathic Treatment for Ringworm in ChildrenSepia is a type of homeopathic medicine which is usually made from a highly diluted and dried squid ink. It is prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner for different skin conditions like brownish or reddish scaly rash, ringworm etc. Homeopaths take different factors into account before prescribing the remedies but you should still consult your doctor before you use sepia remedy. Rhus toxicodendron is another type of homeopathic medicine which is extracted from the poisoned ivy leaves. This type of homeopathic medicine is usually prescribed if your child is suffering from intense burning, stinging and itching from the fungal infection. If your symptoms improve through exposure of heat or by taking a bath in hot water, your homeopath might even prescribe you rhus tox. Before you give rhus tox to your child, you should first consult with your doctor.

Homeopathy is a type of alternative therapy which cannot replace standard treatment. Different studies and researches have shown that Homeopathy can effectively be used to treat a specific condition but can’t treat multiple conditions at the same time. You should always use homeopathic medicine after consulting with your doctor or physician as this medicine can also have some adverse reactions.

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