Fungal infection can prove to be very dangerous for a person whose immune system is relatively weak. These types of infections are the result of bacteria which is present under our skin. As our body has a defense mechanism so, these infections cannot live long inside the body. There are many Vitamins which can prove to be very effective in treating and curing these infections. Some of the vitamins which are effectively used in curing and treating fungal infections are stated below:

Anti-fungal VitaminsFirstly, vitamin D is the most effective when it comes to treating fungal infections. Different researches show us that this vitamin effectively reduces the chance of fungal infection because if vitamin D is taken in a high dose it can reduce the movement and activity of different fungi, but still more research is still needed to prove this. A type of Vitamin B known as Vitamin B3 can also prove to be very effective in reducing fungal activity. Many researchers also believe that it can be used as an anti-fungal treatment. But still more research and studies are required to prove this. Candida albicans is a type of bacteria that commonly causes fungal infections.

This particular type of bacteria makes use of an enzyme commonly referred to as Hst-3 which can rapidly grow and spread. It was found in an experiment on animals that nicotinamide which is a kind of B-3 vitamin can significantly reduce this bacteria’s ability to multiply and result in a fungal infection. This particular study was also printed in the medical journal on July 2010.

Anti-fungal VitaminsDifferent researches have also been conducted to study the effects of Vitamin C on different fungal activities, with encouraging results. A study which was printed in a journal related to medicine known as Eukaryotic Cell in 2014 clearly stated that Vitamin C can effectively be used to suppress the growing and multiplying ability of fungus. It does so by interrupting the different processes in which these fungi develop and spread. It also interferes with the gene expression which is essential for the transition of this fungal infection into further developmental and growth stages. Interfering with this development can prevent the further growth of infections.

Further research and studies are still needed in order to evaluate the effectiveness of vitamin C in treating and curing fungal infections.

Determining the effectiveness of a particular vitamin supplement in treating and curing different fungal infections is too soon as the studies and researches related to these supplements are in initial stages. Vitamin C and vitamin B-3 have a particularly low rate of toxicity because both of these vitamins can easily be eliminated through urine. However vitamin D has a very high rate of toxicity as it is extremely hard to eliminate and it is also fat soluble. You can risk toxicity by taking these vitamins in high doses. You cannot be sure whether these particular vitamins would work on other fungi as studies have only shown us its effect on candida. You should not attempt to treat these fungal infections yourself rather you should talk to your doctor if you are having any problems regarding these fungal infections.

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