Ringworm is a type of parasite that is a result of a fungal infection rather than a parasite or any other type of worm. When this type of fungus affects your body it can cause circular, red patches on the skin and severe itching. It can also cause bald patches and blisters on different parts of the body. Although, this type of fungal infection cannot be cured by diet or any other type of medical treatment, but different foods can greatly help in preventing or treating this type of infection. But before you change your diet you should consult with your doctor or physician.

Diet for RingwormFood that contains vitamin A can greatly help in boosting up the functions of the immune system. They can also help greatly in the production of leukocytes that can attack and completely destroy all the fungi present in the body. This type of food can also play an important part in destroying the fungi that helps in the production of ringworm. It can also help to repair the skin tissue. Vitamin A is present in eggs, fish liver, dairy products and beef. Our body produces Vitamin A with the help of carotenoids, beta-carotene in particular which is present in kale, hot peppers, carrots, spinach, apricots, parsley, and mustard greens.

Using garlic can also help in the production of Vitamin A. You can use garlic in your main dishes, like curries, stir fry dishes, casseroles, pastas and soups. Or you can use garlic with dipping oils or steamed vegetables. Allicin is the chemical that is present in garlic cloves and it can greatly help in curing and treating ringworm. As garlic can act as a thinner for your blood so, it is advised that you consult with your physician before changing your diet in order to treat ringworm.

Diet for RingwormAs Vitamin A can help in the treatment and cure of ringworm similarly, Vitamin E can also help in enhancing the immune functions of the body and protect it from different diseases and fungi such as ringworm. According to research, vitamin E can greatly help in the formation of skin tissue and it can also help in removing the scarring which is formed as a result of ringworm outbreak. Sunflower oils, olives, hazelnuts, eggs, sesame seeds, lentils, bread, almonds and spinach contain vitamin E in large abundance.

Clove is a sweet and pungent spice which is usually used for flavoring Asian and Indian dishes. This particular spice has been used by Chinese healers to treat and cure different diseases for the last two thousand years. According to different scientists, clove buds contain a chemical compound which can effectively help in destroying the fungi which causes ringworm. Although this spice is very useful for curing different diseases but it has many side effects such as diarrhea. Your diet and nutrition can also play an important part in the treatment and prevention of diseases like ringworm. If you want to undergo complete treatment, you should try and consume only healthy food.

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