Ringworm refers to a fungus infection that occurs on the skin. It causes itchy and scaly patches that are round in shape. This condition is highly transmissible and can spread among people and animals. Ringworm infections mainly affect sweaty areas of the body including the feet and the groin. There are several home remedies for treating this condition. ACV is one of the effective home remedies for treating ringworm.

Cider vinegar has a number of uses because of its properties. It is a natural home remedy known for its anti-fungal characteristics. Large numbers of people with ringworm infections use cotton balls to apply ACV on the infected parts. They apply it several times on a daily basis. ACV helps in treating ringworm by eliminating the fungus that causes the infection.

The Effects of ACV

Treating Ringworm with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)Using ACV to treat ringworm infections might cause a number of effects on the user. In the beginning, ACV might cause a tingling feeling. After several applications, ACV relieves the itching caused by the fungus.

As ACV kills the fungus on the skin, the skin that peels off due to the infection begins to diminish and disappear after some time.

The Benefits of Using ACV  

ACV has a number of benefits that make it suitable for treating ringworm. It is a natural medicine that can help in treating fungal infections that affect pets and children. ACV is also safe and non-toxic, unlike some prescription medicines. Some ringworm infections might require the intervention of a medical professional and the use of prescription drugs due to the level of severity. However, ACV has curative properties that make it effective in combating mild fungal infections in a quick and effective manner.

Crucial Considerations

Treating Ringworm with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)It is important to understand that ACV is extremely acidic. Therefore, there is a high chance that it will cause burns on the skin of some users. You can prevent your skin from such burns by first applying a small quantity of ACV on an uninfected part before applying large quantities.

This strategy can help you to determine your level of sensitivity to ACV and know whether ACV can burn your skin. You can then apply ACV on the infected area if it does not cause a serious burning sensation on your skin.

Insight from a Medical Practitioner

Dr. Starkman, a medical doctor who is proficient in homeopathy, provides some tips to assist people who are looking for the best way to treat ringworm with ACV.  Starkman asserts that treating ringworm from the peripheral side of the skin will only succeed when the infection comprises of at most two patches. Extremely serious cases of the infection require the infected person to visit a medical doctor for assistance. In case of slight infections, Starkman recommends that you should soak a towel in ACV and apply it on the infected part of the skin. This process should take place for about 30 minutes twice in a day. After applying ACV, it can take between three and four weeks for the infection to disappear.

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