Roundworm and ringworm can both be contracted from a lot of sources. Ringworm is actually an infection of the fungus whereas roundworms are parasites. Their name may sound similar but the causes, symptoms and even the treatment of both of them are completely different. It is best to consult a medical practitioner if you feel that you may have a roundworm or ringworm infection because not only can they diagnose it properly but they can also tell you the best way to treat it.

Ringworm versus RoundwormRoundworms are known to invade the intestines and cause a lot of negative effect on the health of the victims. Ringworm on the other hand tends to infect the outside layer of the skin. Ringworm can be contracted by touching an object, person or animal that was already infected. Whereas, roundworm is mostly contracted if you eat or drink anything infected with the parasite. Ringworm is not that lethal but if roundworm is not treated in time then it can be life threatening.

There are a lot of types when it comes to ringworm infection as it may affect various parts of the body. The two common types of ringworm include Tinea Capitis which is commonly known as ringworm of scalp and Tinea Pedis which is known as athlete’s foot. Jock itch is another type of ringworm that is associated with the groin. Other types of ringworm include ringworms of the whole body, nails, hands and the face.

Ringworm versus RoundwormA lot of gastrointestinal symptoms are normally associated with roundworm and that includes diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, bloody stools and anal itching. Whereas the symptoms of ringworm include red and itchy rashes as well thickened, dry and scaly skin areas. In addition to this the ringworm of the scalp can also cause hair loss. In case of any of the above symptoms you need to contact a doctor immediately.

Scalp and nail ringworm can be treated with the help of oral medications such as terbinafine and griseofulvin. But for the other kinds of ringworm infections you need to use antifungal powder, creams and topical medications such as tolnaflate, undeclyenic acid and miconazole.

As far as roundworm is concerned it is mostly treated only with the help of oral medications like mebendazole, pyrantel pamoate and albendazole. If the roundworm infection is severe then your intestine may be obstructed and you will then be required to get an endoscopy or a surgery.

The risk of ringworm and roundworm infections is greater in children as compared to adults. If you travel internationally or live in an area that is underdeveloped and has unclean water or food items then you will have a greater risk of contracting roundworm infections. To prevent this you need to only drink water from sanitary sources and eat food items that have been prepared in clean and hygienic conditions. As far as ringworm is concerned, the chances of contracting it can be reduced by not touching people, objects or pets that are infected with the parasite. You also need to wear shoes inside locker rooms and try to keep all the areas of your body as dry and clean as possible. Also, if you find out that your pet has contracted ringworm then you need to have him treated by a veterinarian as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t spread to people.

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