It is said that, at some point in their lives, almost 5% of the entire human population that now exists on the surface of the Earth will suffer from one type of Foot Fungus. Believe it or not, that accounts for over four hundred million people. It goes without saying that this condition has specialists focusing on ways to fight it off. Surprisingly, it seems that a study performed by York University biologist Dawn Bazely was able to prove that moose saliva has a real and undebatable anti-fungal effect.

Can moose saliva be used in treating foot fungus? Let’s find out together.

What is the relation between the moose and environmental toxins?

Moose Saliva and Foot FungusIn the case of moose saliva and its antifungal properties, evolution worked two ways. First of all, some plants are capable of living in symbiosis with fungi within their bodies in order to protect them from being eaten by animals.

It’s fairly well-known that the genetic memory of mammals tends to progress and evolve as well, which is why some animals will automatically avoid eating several plant species even if they’re available.

On the other hand, grazers like the moose are able to eat small portions of toxic plants throughout the day without suffering from anything at all.

This realization led to an article being published in, which claims that moose saliva has fungus-inhibiting properties. According to the same publication, once 12 to 36 hours have gone by after a moose has drooled over several plants, the latter are significantly less toxic.

Can moose saliva have a beneficial effect on Foot Fungus?

Moose Saliva and Foot FungusEven though moose saliva has not yet been analyzed thoroughly in order for scientists to say just how effective it is in treating Foot Fungus, research is being performed in this sense. According to the Smithsonian, there have been Dutch scientists who have proved that human saliva is able to assist with wound healing. It appears that a superficial wound requires just 16 hours in order for it to be closed, provided that it is treated with saliva. All things considered, human saliva contains a compound named histatin which makes a great difference when it comes to accelerating wound closure.

Since saliva has such healing properties, it has always been used by animals. Anyone has probably seen a dog licking his or her wounds at some point.

Foot Fungus treatment

Unfortunately, since there’s little to no data backing up the claim according to which moose saliva is capable of treating Foot Fungus, we have to resort to traditional ways of dealing with it. Creams, lasers, and pills are three main ways of keeping a Foot Fungus under control. These are all prescribed by a specialized physician. Natural alternatives can be bought locally and in various stores, as well as on some online marketplaces. These natural varieties rarely require a prescription. UV sanitizers are another option of getting rid of Athlete’s Foot and the like.

Until there is more information available about the healing abilities of Moose Saliva, consumers are advised to use treatments recommended by doctors.

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