Tineacruris or jock itch, is a type of fungal infection that usually affects the groin or thighs and can cause itching, burning, peeling, redness and flaking. This particular type of fungal infection commonly affects overweight people or athletes, but it could infect almost everyone. Wearing shorts that are very tight that don’t allow the moisture and sweat to escape out from the thigh region can play a key role in spreading the jock itch.

Jock Itch & Bike ShortsThere is a fungus which is present inside our skins and it usually does not cause any problems but when our skin stays wet for a large amount of time, it can lead to jock itch. When this fungus is exposed to moisture or water for very long periods, it can multiply itself to such a point that it can produce various symptoms. Due to poor circulation of air, this type of fungus most commonly affects the scrotum, pubic area and thighs. If you wear tight shorts this causes the moisture and heat to get trapped against your skin, which results in the creation of an environment that is ideally suitable for the growth of fungus. This type of fungus usually starts spreading from a confined area in the groin and it gradually spreads from one place to another due to fabric or sweat. This infection can worsen due to the friction which is caused by the skin against the fabric.

If you want to prevent the jock itch then you should try to wear shorts which are designed using a special porous synthetic material that can absorb the moisture from your skin. If it is possible, you should wear shorts of loose fitting in order to improve the circulation of air to your groin or thighs. In order to prevent infection and control the moisture you can apply talcum powder. You can also protect your skin from this fungus by thoroughly wiping the seat of your bike and other different exercise equipment before using it. Also, if you are suffering from intermittent fungal infections you can also use anti-fungal powder after you shower.

Jock Itch & Bike ShortsAs jock itch is a result of an infection, it can be treated or cured by using anti-fungal supplements or medication. You should not ignore this infection as it will not go away on its own and if you apply lotion to the affected area regularly, this can help in controlling the flaking and burning. Medication like miconazole and clotrimazole can prove to be very effective in treating jock itch and these medicines are also available in the form of lotions, sprays and creams.

Usually severe skin irritation which is a result of friction and sweating while wearing tight shorts can copy different symptoms which are caused by jock itch. Many skin disorders like Eczema have symptoms that are similar to this fungal infection. You should consult with your doctor immediately if the infection doesn’t improve and if you experience severe irritation or if you are finding the treatment difficult.

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