Citronella is a plant that grows everywhere around the world, but mostly in China and Indonesia. In fact, there are two main varieties that now exist on the market: the Ceylon one and the Java one. The Java variety is considered be of a higher quality compared to its counterpart. Why has Citronella Essential oil become popular over the last years and what can it do to your body?

Kills bacteria

Citronella has been found to have a positive effect in many colon, urinary bladder, prostate and kidney infections. Furthermore, it can heal wounds. Some of its components are antibacterial.

Citronella Essential Oil Health BenefitsFights off depression

More than 150 million of people are suffering from anxiety and depression in the world. This essential oil promotes a feeling of happiness and hope and provides relief from sadness.

Is an amazing antiseptic

As is the case with its antibacterial effect, Citronella helps prevent the body from developing various infections. This means that it has a good impact on one’s immune system.

Cures cramps and spasms

Spasms and cramps are two core symptoms of menstrual cycles, but they can occur in diverse intestinal issues including indigestions. Fortunately, this substance has the ability to relax the muscles in the uterus, intestines, and even respiratory and nervous system.

Decreases inflammation

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties when it comes to external and internal use. It is capable of decreasing inflammation levels, particularly when it is used for the digestive system.

Can be used as a deodorantCitronella Essential Oil Health Benefits

Both its smell and its properties make it an alternative worth considering if you have found that you tend to sweat a lot regardless of the weather. The neat thing about it is that it can be utilized with water and provides a refreshing body odor.

Has a diaphoretic effect

Citronella can help the body get rid of toxins via natural perspiration. Furthermore, this substance has amazing effects on skin health.

Preserves the health of the urinary system

One of the multiple benefits of Citronella Essential Oil is promoting diuresis. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from a kidney condition you should use diuretics. However, Citronella is a great help when it comes to eliminating waste substances, salts, excess bile and uric acid.

Fights fever

Fever occurs when an infection is developing in the body. High temperature can lead to the destruction of brain cells, so using this product is a great way of avoiding hallucinations and other complications that can occur while feverish.

Kills fungiCitronella Essential Oil Health Benefits

Since Citronella inhibits fungal growth, it can be utilized with great results in treating ear, throat, and nose mycosis.

Repels insects

If you plan on going camping with your family but feel concerned about the number of mosquito bites that you’ll have to treat once you’re back home, just take some Citronella Oil with you. Use it on your skin and never be bothered by insects again.

Cures stomach infections

Since the substance is more than capable of dealing with digestive infections, it promotes the stomach function and helps this organ do its job properly.

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